Index - Overseas - Trump's case in Pennsylvania has been dismissed

Index – Overseas – Trump’s case in Pennsylvania has been dismissed

The US Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit brought by US Supreme Court President Donald Trump, resigning, to stop certifying the results of the Pennsylvania presidential election, according to MTI. Republicans argue the lawsuit that

In Pennsylvania, the law governing vote by correspondence is unconstitutional because of its enforcement decree.

In this regard, the country is a battlefield country, as it is not known whether the Republican or Democratic candidate will be more supportive in the region. The lawsuit has already been filed in the Pennsylvania courts before them, and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf has already confirmed the victory of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The petition was noted at various levels by a Washington Republican and a candidate.

They asked the court to nullify the state’s 2.5 million ballot papers, or the entire election result, and they also asked the majority state legislature to determine who won there.

After the unjustified denial, Greg Teofel, the plaintiffs’ attorney, responded by saying that he would file a separate case with the Supreme Court and asking the board to hear the matter on the merits and urgency.

It is the first time in the US presidential election in 2020 that action has been taken to review the state’s outcome or delay verification of the outcome to the Supreme Federal Court, despite the Trump campaign team and his attorneys filing numerous similar lawsuits across the United States. The Trump campaign team has filed several similar lawsuits across the United States, however, this is the first case to reach the Supreme Court. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf has already certified the victory of Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Biden received the most votes in the state, and for all votes Biden received 80,000 more votes than Trump.

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