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Index – Overseas – Most Canadians satisfied with Freedom Caravan

Index - Overseas - Most Canadians satisfied with Freedom Caravan

“If the goal of the Freedom Caravan is to capture the attention of millions of people in Canada and around the world, mission accomplished,” the Angus Reed Institute said in a poll. Transfer. “On the other hand, if the goal is to get support for their demands to lift the epidemic restrictions, it has completely retracted.”

The survey was conducted more than two weeks after it was conducted in Ottawa and across Canada Truck drivers pretending Against compulsory vaccination and restrictions. Trudeau government declaring a state of emergency Try to deal with the situation.

72% of those surveyed said the protesters had “reached their goal and should go home now”. 93 percent supported removing them by any means, and 68 percent explicitly believed that the police or the military should dissolve the movements by force. More than a quarter of respondents, 26 percent, said politicians should discuss a solution.

The reaction was strongly influenced by the party’s sympathy – written by The Canadian CTV News. Supporters of Trudeau’s liberals were most satisfied with the protest, and supporters of the opposing Conservatives were least divided.

However, a total of 44 percent of respondents support stricter restrictions as a result of the protests, such as the mandatory wearing of indoor masks and proof of protection at the Canada-US border.

Only a fifth of those surveyed, 22 percent, think protesters should “remain in Ottawa and elsewhere until their demands are met.”

The pollsters also blamed politicians for making the situation worse: 65 percent criticized Trudeau and 42 percent criticized interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen. With the premiers of Ontario and Alberta, 50 percent and 49 percent of those surveyed, respectively, are dissatisfied.

Other surveys have reached similar results

In addition to Angus Reed, three other surveys have polled Canadians on the truck protest.

Léger Graduated with The Canadian Press According to his research Nearly two-thirds of the population considers protesters a selfish minority.

Ipsos according to his anointing While 46% of the respondents opposed the protest, saying “their desperation deserves our sympathy.” At the same time, 54 percent said the protesters’ behavior was “wrong and not worthy of our sympathy.”

In a poll commissioned by Global News, 59 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that “a group of anti-vaccination groups fueled the mood mostly at the truck rally, so protests should not be allowed.”

Maru in scanning 56 percent of respondents “disagree with the protesting truck drivers” in any way. “They say that everything must be done to end the protests. Only 20 percent of respondents “fully” support the protesting truck drivers.

64% of respondents agreed with the statement that “Canadian democracy is threatened by a group of protesters who must be stopped immediately.” The same number supported the Canadian army’s withdrawal of protesters’ trucks.

American interpretation

Canadian survey results have been interpreted differently in the United States.

“Don’t be fooled: the mainstream media is hiding that Canadians support the Freedom Caravan.” chirp For example, editor at Newsweek.

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“Barely 16 percent of Canadians will vote for Trudeau again as prime minister,” both the right-wing Fox and the Washington Examiner said, although CNN according to The Marrow poll did not ask if they would support Trudeau’s re-election or if he would like to become prime minister again.

The somewhat ambiguous question was, “Do you think Justin Trudeau will vote for prime minister after dealing with the situation?” Instead, they sought an answer to how much the prime minister’s support had been affected by the handling of the protests.

16 percent of those surveyed said yes, but that rate is certainly not the same as Trudeau’s support.

By the way, a divergent interpretation is increasingly common in the American media.

Polls in February clearly show that Trudeau’s view of the demonstrations differs from her support of the demonstrations.

(Cover Photo: A protester with a truck in Ottawa on February 15, 2022. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images/AFP)

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