Index - Overseas - Made by the conspirators, Trump could overthrow Bennett

Index – Overseas – Made by the conspirators, Trump could overthrow Bennett

On the far-right political radio show of former US President Wayne Allen Root, Donald Trump found it very interesting to suggest not to wait until the next 2024 presidential election, but to run in the 2022 congressional elections and then elect himself as speaker in the US Federal House of Representatives. Commons. This is because only members of Congress can begin the impeachment trial of the President of the United States, the so-called impeachment proceedings. Publicly, this is the only constitutional way to impeach the President of the United States, he writes interested in trade.

Donald Trump is well known for this measure, with only three impeachment cases launched in the 245-year history of the United States. The the last Only against him, which started because he wanted to persuade the Ukrainian president to investigate shady deals in Ukraine that could be linked to his rival, Joe Biden.

And he said it would be part of the master plan outlined on the radio show that Trump, as head of Congress, would impeach Joe Bident, he said, because of the presidential election he had fraudulently won. If proven, the Constitution states that Vice President Kamala Harris will take over the presidency. The speculation doesn’t stop there now, because if Kamala Harris is ousted, the president will be the congressional leader. So if everything came together like this,

Even Donald Trump may return to the White House next year.

However, the fact of this is rather Castle Card (house of paper) may target the script for the upcoming season of the presidential series rather than real life. From the start, at least half of the members of Congress must vote to impeach the president. Then the proceedings themselves take place before the Senate, that is, the Senate. Two-thirds of the senators must vote to remove the president. And then even the cum must be ousted.

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