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Index – Overseas – Josef Barta, Executive Vice President of KMKSZ, has died

Index – Overseas – Josef Barta, Executive Vice President of KMKSZ, has died

Joseph Barta, Executive Vice President of KMKSZ, died on Friday, November 24. The newspaper reported that the 65-year-old politician always courageously defended the interests of Hungarians in the Transcarpathia region.

As written, the politician has become the first deputy chairman of the Subcarpatian District Council since 2015. His work has been recognized by politicians and local residents.

The organization’s president, Istvan Dobsa, also remembered Josef Barta on his social media page.

His spirituality, knowledge and wisdom are irreplaceable, and his absence represents a great void for the family and the entire Hungarian Transcarpathian community.

– wrote the KMKSZ president in his Facebook post.

He added that Josef Barta was initially active in his native Salanque, then as a district official in Nagyszőlős in the entire region. Later, he loyally served the entire region and the Hungarians of Transcarpathia.

Viktor Mikita, head of the military administration in Transcarpathia, described Joseph Barta as a true patriot.

He loved Transcarpathia and Ukraine beyond measure, worked daily for the development of the Hungarian national community and the strengthening of friendly relations with neighboring countries.

– the governor said on his Facebook page.