Index - Overseas - Joe Biden has repealed one of Donald Trump's abortion laws

Index – Overseas – Joe Biden has repealed one of Donald Trump’s abortion laws

Joe Biden The American president withdrew his predecessor, Donald Trump One of the provisions has been put in place to curb miscarriage, Catholic news agency Catbrais reported Friday.

Donald Trump has previously excluded from government grants NGOs, at home and abroad, that offered or supported abortion for their clients. The Regulation Originally born in 1984 during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Since then, all Republican presidents have insisted on this, and all Democratic presidents have suspended their appointments. Opponents of the Catholic Church and the abortion criticized the decision.

Unfortunately, Biden is one of his first actions in support of the active destruction of human life

– He wrote in a statement issued by the American Episcopal Conference, local time, Thursday. Leaders of the Catholic Church noted that the president’s decision was inconsistent with Catholic doctrines, immoral and violated human dignity. As they wrote,

We urge the president to make good use of his position and to be the first to take into account the weakest, including unborn children.

Biden is a practitioner CatholicBut she has been in favor of allowing abortions for decades. A traditional anti-abortion rally called March of Life will be held online Friday due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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