Index - Overseas - Jimmy Lay has been accused of plotting against the media mogul

Index – Overseas – Jimmy Lay has been accused of plotting against the media mogul

Jimmy Lai, a media mogul in Hong Kong, has been charged on suspicion of collusion with foreign powers. I first mentioned this in the local press on Friday. Later, the police confirmed the news.

The National Security Department of Hong Kong Police has indicted an indictment against a 73-year-old man after a thorough investigation. He is suspected of colluding with a foreign country or other external bodies, which endangers the security of the nation

– The statement mentioned the city-state of China, but it has a special status.

In Hong Kong, the National Security Act came into effect on June 30, giving the pro-Beijing local government new tools to crack down on anti-China, pro-democracy protesters. Since then, dozens of activists have been arrested based on the law, but this week the authorities seem to have switched to a higher rank, discharging more than 16 people.

And last week, three of the movement’s leaders – Joshua Wong, Agnes Chau and Evan Lamm – pleaded guilty to each of the charges under the law and could face prison sentences.

In keeping with the indictment against Jimmy Lai, the Hong Kong businessman has always upset Beijing. Lay founded Apple Daily and the news portal, which actively supports the protests, but also actively participated in the 2014 protests. He was arrested by Hong Kong authorities on August 20 this year, and his daily newspaper covered the headline with the headline “Apple Daily Fights More”.

(Cover photo: Jimmy Lai on December 3, 2020. Photo: Anthony Cowan / Getty Images)

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