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Index – Overseas – He’s not going anywhere, Navalny is being held in captivity

Index - Overseas - He's not going anywhere, Navalny is being held in captivity

The Moscow District Court on Thursday upheld the 30-day pre-trial detention of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny. He is not going anywhere, and he remains in Matroskaya Tyisina prison (listen to the sailors).

Navalnet He was arrested at Moscow airport on January 17th. He returned to his home from Germany, where he received medical treatment after being poisoned in Russia in August, according to the consensus of a number of Western laboratories.

The politician was arrested on the grounds that, according to the Russian Federal Prison Service (FSZIN), he violated the conditions of probation with a suspended prison sentence previously imposed on him. He was immediately transferred from the airport to the police station, where he was detained first in an improvised manner court session He was sentenced in the first place with foreclosure. The district court has now upheld the ruling in second instance, with Navalny remaining in pretrial detention until February 15.

Opposition participants described Thursday’s trial as an “example of an outrage of the law” aimed at intimidating him and the others, MTI reported.

Yes, strength is on your side now. You have the opportunity to put two people next to me and tie their hands. But it will not last forever

He said at the court session.

I think I am convinced and declare that they are not and will not be the owners of our country. Millions of people agree with me and don’t let our country be stolen from us

During the trial, the politician blamed people who had “stolen Russia for 20 years” for what had happened to him.

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Not two weeks ago in Russia, but was disturbed by the stagnant waters

An opposition politician is currently facing a 3.5-year prison sentence if the suspended prison sentence is reduced to be enforced. It is his fault that after being discharged from the Berlin hospital in September, he violated his test by not reporting the prison.

It is estimated that more than a hundred cities were released in Russia last Saturday Hundreds of thousands Nearly 4,000 people have been arrested nationwide, 1,500 in Moscow.

Incidentally, another investigation was opened against Navalny last month: ironically, he is accused of embezzling around $ 5 million (about $ 1.5 billion) in donations sent to the anti-corruption foundation he created.

The Black Sea Foundation was published attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin From the palace The video that played a huge role in getting crowds onto the streets on Saturday. The movie, which lasted nearly two hours, had 99 million views by Thursday.

Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s crew captain, has already announced more demonstrations on Sunday. However, it appears that the Russian authorities are doing everything they can to prevent social unrest: Wednesday Searching for a home Held by Navalny’s staff and allies in more than thirty different locations.

On Thursday, the statue of Lyubov, attorney and direct aide to Navalny, Anastasia Vasilieva, president of the Medical Association, Maria El Gohina, a member of the Posse Riot Bank squad, and Oleg Navalny, ordered the 48-hour pre-trial detention of his political brother. .

Volkov has been living abroad since 2019, so he cannot be arrested, except that the Russian Investigation Commission has initiated criminal proceedings against him for inciting juveniles to participate in the protests.

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The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office issued a warning warning it not to participate in the protests announced on Sunday and urging it to remove unauthorized mobilization messages from social media.

Next Tuesday, the court will decide whether Navalny should serve a suspended prison sentence.

Analysts are divided over what would entail Navalny’s transplant. It should trigger a wave of protests, but not knowing it was movement Will turn out. Free Europe had previously indicated that many of the regime’s enemies were already sitting in the sailors listening, and that Russian officials had exposed a $ 230 million tax fraud. Sergey Magnitsky One of the reviewers was also found dead, and he was beaten to death.

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