Index – Overseas – Half of British adults have already been vaccinated against the Coronavirus

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Saturday that half of the UK’s adult population has already been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Matt Hancock also said in a Twitter post that more people have received the vaccine in the past 24 hours than any day so far in the UK vaccination campaign that began on December 8th.

The minister did not specify the latest vaccination data. However, the ONS estimates that Britain currently has around 52.7 million adults, so Matt Hancock reported on Saturday that it would have been as high as 26.35 million for the first dose of vaccines provided so far.

The Ministry of Health announced the previous day that a record number of 660,276 vaccinations had reached nationwide in the past 24 hours, including the first and second vaccinations, so Matt Hancock’s announcement on Saturday also means that this number was recorded on the last first day she managed From the coup.

The UK government aims to have at least the first dose of coronavirus vaccination available to all individuals over the age of 50 by the end of July by the end of July.

But British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this week For technical reasons In April, the number of vaccines will arrive in Britain less than the extremely abundant supply of vaccines so far, but the vaccination goals will continue by the specified deadlines.

The Minister of Health said in a video on Twitter on Twitter that it was a huge success that half of the adult UK population had already been vaccinated against the Coronavirus because the vaccine provides a way out of the pandemic.

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That is why Matt Hancock asked everyone receiving a notification from the National Health Service (NHS) to visit the nearest vaccination center to seize the opportunity to be given a vaccine against the Coronavirus.

In the United Kingdom, by all modern metrics, the coronavirus epidemic is in retreat. According to the latest estimates from the British Census Bureau, based on extensive population-based screening, the number of people infected with Coronavirus in England – by far the most populous country in the United Kingdom – could currently reach 160,200.

This means that out of every 340 people, one person is infected, which means that about 0.29% of the population has the Coronavirus in their bodies.

The ONS calculation methodology a month ago would have had 481,300 infected people in England. According to a study conducted at the time, 0.88 percent of the English population was infected with the Coronavirus at the time, which is now less than a third of the infection rate in the active population in England a month ago.

According to the latest calculations from the UK government’s Standards Scientific Advisory Board (SAGE), the breed has a rate of R between 0.6 and 0.9 across the UK.

The higher appreciation level rose slightly since it was still 0.8 last week, but both ends of the discretionary range are still below the critical level 1.

The new estimate shows that ten infected people transmit the coronavirus infection to an average of 6 to 9 other people, which means that the rate of spread of the epidemic is also slowing down with this measure.

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