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And France announced Wednesday that about one hundred thousand

By mid-June, it will deliver half a million doses of AstraZenaca vaccine to African countries

Within the framework of the Covax International Vaccine Distribution System to help low and middle income countries get vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

The French Presidency has indicated that, by introducing doses produced in Italy, France intends to launch a European mechanism for the international Covax vaccine distribution system.

The Covax agreements mainly relate to the AstraZeneca vaccine, but Paris says the distribution mechanism will cover all vaccines available in the European Union.

The French Presidency indicated that the delivery of vaccines, which began more than two months ago, was delayed in March and April, in part because the Indian Serum Institute (SII), which produces a large proportion of AstraZeneca, was unable to fulfill the requests.

Last week, the Covax program announced another € 2 billion fundraising campaign to buy coronavirus vaccines, MTI wrote.

Thanks to distribution within the World Health Organization (WHO) and the GAVI Vaccine Association, even the poorest countries in the world can benefit from the vaccine through donations. To date, more than 38 million doses of the Coronavirus vaccine have been shipped to 113 countries around the world.

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