Index - Overseas - Coronavirus in the world - Monday's news summary

Index – Overseas – Coronavirus in the world – Monday’s news summary

MTI reported that the proportion of newly diagnosed coronavirus infections in the past two weeks for residents fell to 3.5 percent on Monday, so curfews in the Romanian capital will not start before national restrictions and stores will not close early. .

The first weekend in which Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Arad and many other settlements can return to 9 PM, the curfew that starts at 10 PM will be just a celebration of Orthodox Easter.

Regardless of the injury data

The government of Bucharest had previously ruled that on the night of 2 May, curfews would be lifted across the country to allow Orthodox believers to visit their temples and attend Easter rituals.

If the infection rate drops to less than three per thousand by then, theaters, auditoriums and restaurants in Bucharest could open, with a capacity of 30 percent at present.

Probably, there are also economic reasons to relax, because in Romania, restaurants not only in the capital, but also on the beach, are preparing for the Easter opening.

On the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, the tourist season traditionally begins on May 1, which this year coincides with the four-day Orthodox Easter holiday.

In the neighboring country, the number of new infections with the Coronavirus that were diagnosed per week decreased to less than half in the past month, to the lowest level in February after the second wave, and the pressure on hospitals began to decrease during the past two weeks.

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