Index – Overseas – After the frost, turtle rescue begins in the United States

About 3,500 turtles were rescued on Wednesday and could have been frozen to death due to the snowstorms and record hail that struck Texas. guardian. In the United States to the extreme Cool down the weather.

The water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico has cooled significantly

That the turtles that live in it began to freeze to death.

So the residents of the area started collecting frozen animals from the shore and taking them to a safe haven.

The majority of turtles were collected at a juvenile center on South Padre Island, southern Texas. “On average, a truck arrives every 15 minutes with another shipment,” the director of the events center told The Associated Press. “Usually 50-100 turtles arrive in one vehicle at a time,” he added.

Despite this measure, many animals will likely freeze to death, but she will do her best to save as many of them as possible.

Moving the turtles to the event center began after their move to Sea Turtle Inc. , Which is an animal welfare center specializing in turtles not far from them.

Too many turtles had already arrived that they could not accommodate them.

It is not yet known when the turtles will be allowed to return to their natural habitat. According to experts, this will require the water temperature to rise to at least 15 degrees.

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