Index - outside - your own waterfall, luxury show by the millions - here is Putin's humble "hunting hut"

Index – outside – your own waterfall, luxury show by the millions – here is Putin’s humble “hunting hut”

It was recently revealed as a result of an international investigation Interests that may indirectly return to the Russian President. The Guardian now Foot Luxury property located in the northwest of Russia.

According to the newspaper, six years ago a Russian program spoke that the residence on the shores of Lake Ladoga, which the builders referred to simply as a “fishing hut”, may be the property of the Russian president. From the outside, the property may look very modest and simple, but several leaked emails have now been written about what it all actually contains (the image below is just an illustration previously posted by Full House Design, the building’s designer).

The luxury villa mainly consists of two different houses, the construction of the new six-bedroom building only began in 2021. The oldest building is listed in Russian official document as a “barn”, but it is actually a modern two-storey building with a dining room One is over 200 square feet.

This building includes its own small factory, which can be worth up to 345,000 dollars (131 million HUF) and can produce 47 liters of beer per day.

The building also has two swimming pools, through which you can access a natural waterfall, the waters of which flow into Lake Ladoga. This waterfall used to be a tourist attraction, but is now closed to the public. The creation of the basin and the part leading to the waterfall can be about 187 million rubles (about 1.3 billion forints). According to the Guardian in the buildings

Shower heads cost a little less than that, $4,600 (1,750,000 HUF) each. The floor was laid in Fior di Bosco marble for a total value of $110,000.

The property can also be indirectly linked to Rosy Bank, which is related to Putin’s other real estate interests (and thus has been affected by anti-Russian sanctions). The Russian president, of course, denies that all this is his. “The president of the Russian Federation has nothing to do with the objects and organizations that have been named,” a Kremlin spokesman said.

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