Index - Outside - waist-deep ice covers the streets, another hurricane may come وقد

Index – Outside – waist-deep ice covers the streets, another hurricane may come وقد

While America’s heat records tend in a row with a temperature of about 48 degrees, here in Europe Violent thunderstorms and giant cell frenzy, the necks of those west of us lashed with ice and water.

In the village of Plombières-les-Bains in eastern France, ice shattered so much and so massively that it covered the city streets almost to the waist. Not only was an egg the size of an egg, but an orange-colored ice fell, shattering the windows of houses and cars into ripples and seriously injuring many people.

An extraordinary state of catastrophe has been declared in Alsace and many other northern provinces of France, according to meteorology, the period of sentencing is not yet over. In the eastern part of the Somme, 30 mm of rain fell within an hour and warns of expected flooding.

They also fear a repeat of weekend hurricanes, a Near the town of Oisemont in northern France, they also received lentils A long-range cloud funnel, when it hits the ground, can wreak havoc on local residents as much as an air storm in the Czech Republic a few days ago.

Hovering over Western Europe for devastating weather Tornado His cold wavy forehead is to blame. As this front is turning east again, it is possible that we will have to prepare for similar unfriendly weather phenomena here at home.

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