INDEX - OUTSIDE - Trump didn't get a better view, despite prayers to chief epidemiologist

INDEX – OUTSIDE – Trump didn’t get a better view, despite prayers to chief epidemiologist

It is difficult to estimate how much the pandemic management style of the President of the United States played a role in the downfall of Donald Trump, but we can be sure that it was not so little. In the United States, the number of deaths due to Covid exceeded 600,000 a few days ago, and behind him, a large part of the public sees the irresponsible behavior of the former president sweeping away the suggestions of scientific advisers.

Two Washington Post reporters, Yasmine Aboutaleb and Damian Paletta, decided to write a book based on events and conversations in various places in the Oval Office and the White House trying to rebuild the way the Trump administration tried to combat the pandemic. Journalists have processed hundreds of hours of interview material since January 2020, and their writers nightmare scenario, in the mirror translation, they were given the title Nightmare Scenario. The volume will be published on June 29.

Excerpts from the book interested in trade Highlight what happened to Robert Redfield. He was the head of the Center for Epidemiology and Disease Prevention (CDC) during the Trump administration. When it was reported that Donald Trump and his wife Melania had contracted the virus,

The head of the epidemiology department prayed for the president to recover, and at the same time the president, who has the disease in his skin, finally realizes what he was facing and the country with Trump will begin to adhere to the epidemiological restrictions proposed by advisers.

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So far, Trump has refused to wear a mask even at election rallies attended by thousands, signaling to US residents that this level of protection is not needed.

As stated in the book,

Redfield himself prayed for Trump to send a message to Americans to listen to the leaders of the health authorities before it was too late.

But this did not happen because he was discharged from the hospital, Trump returned to the White House and posed for the cameras without a mask. He was traveling without a mask among White House staff, advisers and politicians, while still likely carrying the infection.

That’s no longer part of the book, but Redfield wasn’t the only senior health director who tried to consciously notice Trump raising his defenses.

Last July, President Anthony Fawcett, the chief epidemiological adviser and director of the National Institute for Research on Allergy and Infectious Diseases, called it an emergency bird when he drew attention to the risks of the virus spreading quickly. He once said of him that Fauci was packing his pants due to Covid, and later scolded him for not supporting his pandemic strategy.

Fauci spoke in February of this year about being so abused by Trump in public that he has been forced to live his daily life under police protection since April of last year.

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