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Index – Outside – The storm toppled trees and flooded entire streets in Transylvania

Index – Outside – The storm toppled trees and flooded entire streets in Transylvania

According to the Hargitta District Disaster Management, roofs and cars in Sikelyudvarheli were also damaged by trees that fell during Monday afternoon's storm, and a 69-year-old man was injured when a billboard fell in the parking lot of a shopping mall. The injured person was treated by paramedics immediately, but he refused to be taken to the hospital.

According to what was reported by the Agerpress news agency

Firefighters removed 12 fallen trees from homes and cars, and the winds caused three electrical poles to fall on the road.

According to footage posted on social media, several squares and entire streets in Seklyudvarheli were flooded.

On Monday afternoon, the Meteorological Authority issued an immediate warning of heavy rain accompanied by wind speeds ranging between 80 and 90 kilometers per hour. However, according to field coverage of news portal, the disaster management sent the warning in the Ro-Alert system to the mobile phones of Szekyludvar residents when the storm had already passed.

According to the news portal Szé, about 11,000 consumers in 41 settlements in Udvarhelíšek remained without electricity. The storm also caused damage in Maros County. The disaster management announced that the roofs of more than 30 houses were damaged by the winds and six basements were flooded in Hijasfalva (Vanatori), Zaskiezd (Sašez), Apoldu and Sighisvár.

Water and mud covered the railway track

The time of rule that swept through the Segesvár-Székelykeresztúr-Székelyudvarhely region also temporarily paralyzed traffic on the main Brasó-Clozsvár railway line. Due to rainfall, the railway track in the section between Zederjes (Morini) and Homorodbene (Pia) was flooded with water and mud.

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According to the Passenger Transport Department of the Romanian State Railways (CFR), until the waters recede, Bucharest-Piharposbucje (IRN 12346), MdjesBrasov (R 3536) and BrasovThe Medgyes flight (R 3503) was lost at Erkedi (Archita) and Homoródbene stations.

As we wrote, the storm also caused unrest in Hungary. Removing fallen trees and pumping water from flooded areas in several provinces as a result of stormy weather has given firefighters work, the National Directorate General of Disaster Management (OKF) announced on Monday. In Germany, several people died in floods caused by heavy rains. You can view our flood gallery here.