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Index – Outside – The doctor played Beethoven in the police officers ’attack

Index - Outside - The doctor played Beethoven in the police officers ’attack

Russian authorities raided the house of the imprisoned opposition activist Alexei Navalny, in Moscow, in the home of his wife and his allies, on the Black Sea that he founded, which he attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. About the castle Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) and a studio called Navalny Live to create YouTube videos.

In the recording below, Russian authorities just stormed the studio.

The statue of Lyubov, Navalny’s attorney, was just at the scene, so he documented how the police penetrated and pushed the search warrant in front of his nose.

Home searches have been justified in violation of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, and authorities are looking for the media to prove: Navalny’s allies encouraged people to participate in last week’s demonstration last Saturday.

Dozens of police officers arrived to search the home of the FBK office, and this recording has already been recorded.

Ivan Zhdanov, the head of the foundation, announced on Twitter that no one or two police officers had arrived at Navalny’s apartment in Moscow, where his brother Oleg currently lives. After they started breaking the apartment door, Oleg was found in the house and then taken into custody, but the reason for this is not yet known, he writes Zhdanov added that they began breaking into a safe in the apartment.

By the way, Oleg was serving five years in prison after his conviction in the so-called Yves Rocher case, in which the Navalny brothers were accused of embezzlement. Alexey is sentenced to a suspended prison sentence, and Oleg will be downloaded. An opposition activist linked to the case, which dates back to 2014, was arrested at Moscow’s Siremetyevo airport after returning from Germany, where he was recovering from his poisoning in August. The opposition said that the assassination attempt was carried out by the Russian intelligence services, with instructions from the Russian president.

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The head of the FBI also reported that authorities also appeared in the apartment of Julia Navalnaya, his opposition wife, and that the apartment door was also starting to break, with the peephole and doorbell video recorded. Navalnaya called his lawyer right away, but the police, according to Zhdanov, could not wait 15 minutes. The apartment was violently raided in the end and the lawyer was not allowed to speak to Navalnaya.

Keira Garmis, a spokesman for Navalny, who was arrested nine days before Saturday’s protest, was taken by police to his home to conduct a house search because under current law, an empty apartment simply cannot be searched. According to reports, the Likewise, a ten-year-old FBK employee, Georgy Alborov, was repatriated, although the video below shows his home being hacked. It seems that the police did not touch the roads, even though one of them was in the house.

Navalny’s allies are believed to have become accustomed to official business. Anastasia Vasilieva, head of the Medical Union, appeared before the authorities to search the house, and the doctor played the piano.

a Telegram channel called Baza According to his information, the authorities plan to search a home for all members of the Anti-Corruption Foundation. The statue of Lyubov is no exception, for some reason his home was searched with a TV camera.

On January 23, about 100 cities in Russia protested against Navalny, although the anger was not necessarily influenced by sympathy for the opposition, but by Putin’s claims. For his castle Solo video as well. The demonstrations demanded the release of Navalny and the resignation of Putin. Navalni for another Sunday Proof It was held in the same format as the first time. Home searches are thought to have something to do with this as well.

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(Cover photo: Home search in Navalny. Photo: Dimitar Delkov / AFP)

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