Index – Outside – The body of the missing fisherman is found in a crocodile

Four days ago, Australian fisherman Kevin Darmody went missing and was last seen Saturday in the Kennedy Bend area, where there is a fishing pond known to be home to saltwater crocodiles. BBC.

Many people in the area were hunting with Darmody, but no one saw exactly what happened to the hunter. They said they heard a scream, followed by a loud splash.

I ran to where I heard the screams, but was nowhere to be found Darmody. I just found slippers on the beach

The fisherman’s friend, John Petty, said of the incident.

After two days of searching the area

Police killed two large crocodiles in which human remains were found.

Police shot the crocodile 4.1m and 2.8m on Monday, about 1.5km from where the Australian man was last seen. As they said, although the body has not been officially identified, the search is considered closed.

Police found human remains in only one of the reptiles, but wildlife officers believe the man was attacked by both animals.

Crocodiles are common in the northern tropical regions of Australia, but fatal attacks are very rare. Darmody’s case is the 13th fatal attack in Queensland since 1985.