Index – Outside – Terrifying shark attack video: sinking its teeth into a woman’s butt

Marine photographer Ibrahim Shafiq and his girlfriend Carmen Canovas Cervelo were snorkeling in Vaafu Atoll in the Maldives when they suddenly came across a school of ten nurse sharks, a species common in the area, according to reports. New York Post.

Hoping to get a closer look at the swarm, the adventurers in the water decided to dive right into the midst of the predatory flock. They swam with the sharks for about 45 minutes without any major problems before one of the animals decided to attack Cervello.

According to him, he was very surprised when he was attacked by a nurse shark, since this species is considered particularly cute.

In the footage, Cervelo – who happens to be a nurse – is seen hovering a few feet above the sharks, when suddenly one of them appears and bites the woman’s upper back. At the end of the video, there are also signs of a shark bite, which resulted in a half-moon-shaped wound about 15 cm in size on his back.

According to Shafik, he only received a slight warning bite, because if the shark really felt threatened, the story could have ended much worse.

After the shark bite, we didn’t think of anything more serious, as it was only a minor injury, so we cleaned the wound and continued diving the same way.

Shafiq explained.