INDEX - Outside - storks confused by Greek forest fires

INDEX – Outside – storks confused by Greek forest fires

A local wildlife organization, ANIMA, said wildfires in Greece have disrupted Africa-bound storks, some of which are missing, injured or killed. Storks cross the Attica region every year to wait for favorable winds at Cape Sounion, about seventy kilometers southeast of Athens, to help them cross the Mediterranean to winter in Africa.

The organization deals with the care and rehabilitation of injured wild animals at its first aid center in Athens. According to experts, in recent days new students have been found in places they had never been to before, such as buildings in residential areas in the northern part of the capital. Some of the birds that strayed into unfamiliar urban areas were disoriented and many perished after hitting power lines and poles.

in Athens Now, for the first time, they are experiencing a high number of stork deaths, as locals pick up dead birds from their lawns. Several storks are cared for in the center of ANIMA. When these birds get stronger, they are released back into the wild.

in Greece 56 thousand hectares burnt area According to the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) for the past 10 days. Between 2008 and 2020, fires destroyed an average of 1,700 hectares of vegetation during the same period each year.

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