Index - outside - shooting broke out near the White House

Index – outside – shooting broke out near the White House

The case stated that a man had opened fire on a Mexican restaurant not far from the White House. BBC. The offender fired at least twenty shots, and then fled by car.

According to the police, the perpetrator may have been one of the two people shot. According to press reports, no one was killed in the attack.

Although the number of violent crime has decreased recently, the rate of armed attacks is increasing in more and more cities in the United States. While there were 434 armed attacks in 2020, there were actually 471 armed attacks this year, most of them concentrated in poorer parts of Washington.

US President Joe Biden had previously said he would crack down on armed crime and would also review rules on the use of guns. In the United States, the Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms.

Many believe that the right of those outside the armed forces to bear arms is not protected by the constitution. However, the Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that this interpretation is incorrect and that the right to bear arms is an individual right.

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