Index - Outside - “Shame! Terrible! Appalling!” - The world was shocked by the riots in Washington

Index – Outside – “Shame! Terrible! Appalling!” – The world was shocked by the riots in Washington

The world is amazed at what is happening in the Washington Capitol. In the final hours, supporters of outgoing Republican President Donald Trump stormed the US legislature after Vice President Mike Pence did not disrupt an extraordinary session of Congress despite previous expectations. Protesters gathered at the Capitol, stormed the compound and clashed with security forces. Mike Pence was evacuated from the building, Congress closed, and Senators and Representatives secured.

Several international leaders have condemned the event. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wrote on Twitter:

Shocking sequences from Washington. The results of democratic elections must be respected.

European Parliament President David Sassoli is also concerned about American democracy. The EU leader said that the events in the Capitol are deeply disturbing, and the votes that have been won democratically must be respected by all.

Shameful events are taking place in the United States Congress

– This was already written on Twitter by British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Johnson stressed the responsibility of American democracy, as he put it, the United States supports democracy everywhere in the world, so it is necessary that the transition be peaceful and orderly.

Soon after, Boris Johnson spoke with Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon. As he put it, “events on the Capitol are horrific” and a great shame for those who launched an attack on democracy.

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Meanwhile, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Democratic President-elect Joe collected good points on Biden. In his words, the new leader will “overcome hard times and unite the American people.”

(Cover image: People taking shelter in the House of Representatives showroom. Photo: Andrew Harnik/MTI)

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