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INDEX – OUTSIDE – Prince Harry is preparing for a major battle against the British tabloid press

INDEX – OUTSIDE – Prince Harry is preparing for a major battle against the British tabloid press

And now it sure won’t end in the near future – Harry wrote ready to break the taboo of a member of the royal family sitting on the witness stand and has made it clear that he will personally testify in court. BBC. According to the British portal

It is becoming increasingly clear that the prince has the money and the intent to oppose the media.

A concrete example of this is the wiretapping case, which he will now testify in court against British newspapers. We’ve written more about Ennen’s specifics here.

The Prince’s opponent, News Group News, explained that it rejects his claims, that it should have filed the lawsuit years ago, and that time is up. Given – just a few days III. Given the timing prior to Charles’ coronation, many viewed it as if the prince wanted to sever the royal family’s connection, just as it was trying to appear as the most unified.

This was strongly rejected by those close to Prince Harry, who said that he had already come to London to support his father. Harry had no say in the court hearing schedule either.

These are cases that have been going on for years

According to sources close to Prince William, any wiretapping settlement should not be seen as a secret deal, but as a private, practical settlement of claims, in a way that the legal system itself often encourages to avoid unduly burdening the courts.

It is conceivable that two things could be true at the same time – that both Prince Harry and Prince William individually acted in good faith. However, allegations persist that a future president struck a financial deal with the Murdoch empire without any public acknowledgment, and no explanation has been given yet as to where this money, which was said to be “a very large sum”, was used. what I give.

As we wrote, Prince Harry told the court that the third. Charles has undermined the late Queen’s plan to sue News UK. The then Prince of Wales intervened because he wanted The Sun to support his and Camilla’s reign in the future. secondly. The Supreme Court heard that Queen Elizabeth personally threatened Rupert Murdoch’s media company with legal action over the phone hack, only to have its efforts undermined by then-Prince Charles.

The scandal unfolded between 2005 and 2007 in connection with the wiretapping of the British royal family’s voicemails by a private investigator working for a News of the World journalist. It was a precursor to the wider News International phone hacking scandal that unfolded in 2009 and exploded in 2011 when it was revealed that the hacking had occurred on a much larger scale. The failure of the police investigation in 2011 became part of a wider scandal.