Index - Outside - Police and protesters clash in Rome

Index – Outside – Police and protesters clash in Rome

Protesters and police clashed in another demonstration of merchants and caterers in central Rome Coronavirus pandemic Due to the economic crisis caused by the protesters, they attempted to reach the Parliament building on Monday afternoon, MTI wrote.

Hundreds of demonstrators occupied one of the central squares of the Italian capital. Participants in the unauthorized movement attempted to reach the nearby parliament, but this was prevented by a police cordon. “I’ll open it!” Merchants, caterers, tourism workers and musicians also joined the protest under the supervision of Mohamed El Hawi, 34, the owner of a Florentine restaurant of Egyptian origin. Protesters waved Italian flags.

The protest took place against the shortage caused by the epidemic. They demanded an immediate reopening, state aid, and a fixed date for stores and restaurants to restart. It was said that the epidemiological data no longer justified the strict restrictions.

Protesters threw objects, smoke bombs, and fireworks at police and nearby buildings. They raised their hands up high, and some of them tied their hands together. They asked the police to take off their assault helmets and stand next to the protesters.

We can’t stand it anymore

A Sicilian restaurant shouted at the television cameras. The support they’ve received so far is called a tip, they say they can’t restart without a summer season. The departure of Prime Minister Mario Draghi has been called for, saying that nothing has changed since the resignation of former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

A similar demonstration took place on April 6, when the police repelled the demonstrators in the square in front of the House of Representatives. Other hospitality organizations announced a demonstration in Rome on Tuesday, and air traffic workers will make a move on Wednesday. According to previous figures released by the Italian statistical office Istat, nearly a million jobs were lost in Italy in the last year.

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