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Index – Outside – More than 700 passengers are stuck on a train

Index – Outside – More than 700 passengers are stuck on a train

Passengers were stranded on a Eurostar train in Folkestone for more than seven hours without power, food or working toilets. Eurostar said the train was already on its way back to London. The company’s announcement stated that an overhead wire fell on the train heading from London to Amsterdam, which was leaving at 08:16 local time, at the entrance to the Channel Tunnel, as the company wrote. BBC.

A company spokesperson said that “about 700 passengers and crew on board are safe.” Jessica Chambers, from Essex, was due to fly to Amsterdam to attend her boyfriend’s birthday. She told the BBC:

I really feel like it’s an emergency but the staff didn’t report anything about it.

Another passenger said, “The train began to get dark as the lights went out due to a power outage.”

“Following a complex situation due to the location of the train and the track infrastructure, this meant that some safety measures had to be followed before we could start the train,” Eurostar said.

Agents said they were unable to flush the toilets and sent photos showing them completely clogged. Rebecca Morris, from Horsham, West Sussex, said her group of six had water but no food. He said the situation on board was “simply horrific” and the passengers were cold.

A Eurostar spokeswoman said all affected passengers were given refreshments in London and will receive enhanced inconvenience compensation.

Eurostar regrets the problems experienced by customers today.”

They added.