Index – Outside – Liz Truss gave up, in the end they won’t vote on the tax cut

British Prime Minister Liz Truss has said she will postpone a vote on the £45 billion unfunded tax cut programme. Sky NewsMinister in the Cabinet. The proposal was announced last Friday, despite protests until yesterday There was no indication of that to postpone the vote. The tax cut proposal was not helpful to fairyAnd no, because Its value has reached a record low against the dollar last week.

The vote will likely take place in the spring, before the budget is approved.

Several Conservative MPs have expressed their displeasure with the proposal, and have begun negotiations with Labor over how to block the prime minister’s plans. Some MPs consider Truss’s performance so poorly and the budget so disastrous that they want him removed from office.

Michael Gove, the leader of the Conservative Party, had said earlier that the tax cuts should primarily benefit those who need them most; While former Cabinet Secretary Grant Shapps accused the prime minister and chancellor of “putting everything they can to do” in the hope that a vote on tax cuts would lead to economic growth.

“Liz Truss will avoid having to deal with MPs in the coming weeks, effectively buying herself time,” Sky News political editor Beth Rigby said of the proposal.

The chancellor is expected to double the mini-budget soon. Sources close to the chancellor said that a vote on the finance bill is scheduled for next year.

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