Index - Outside - Kim Jongun has lost a lot of weight

Index – Outside – Kim Jongun has lost a lot of weight

The US news agency Bloomberg reported, citing NK News, which is based in South Korea and the United States, that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has lost a lot of weight in the recent period. The dictator’s loyal companion in public appearances, the IWC Schaffhausen Portofino’s Swiss watch, was tighter than usual on his wrist. The photos were published by North Korean state media.

In its analysis, NK News, which deals with North Korean news and events, took close-up photos of Kim and his $12,000 (more than $3.4 million) viewership in recent months, concluding that the 37-year-old North Korean leader is a good-pound husband.

Secret services have long been monitoring the North Korean leader’s weight to make estimates of the stability of the North Korean regime. Heart disease occupies a high place in the Kim family’s medical history.

South Korean intelligence told lawmakers in Seoul in November that Kim could weigh about 140 pounds and had gained about fifty pounds since coming to power in 2011.

The secret services are very interested in Kim’s weight because they want to know what’s going on behind the scenes, Does he get sick? The driver and how his health can affect the safety of the area.

Kim’s health was another topic last year after the Pyongyang leader did not appear in public for twenty days and missed the birthday celebration of his late grandfather, state founder Kim Ir-sin. Following the incident, news spread in the international media that he might have undergone heart surgery, and some American newspapers wrote that the politician was no longer alive.

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The North Korean leader has not appeared in state media for nearly a month recently, and only now has it been reported that he attended a ruling party meeting on economic affairs on Monday. Photos were taken of him until then. MTI reports that North Korea’s economy is in a state of deep flight due to the coronavirus pandemic, US sanctions and declining trade with China.

(Cover photo: Kim Jongun on April 8, 2021. Photo: STR/AFP)

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