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INDEX – OUTSIDE – Joe Biden’s son can still be found guilty, and the investigation into his case will resume

INDEX – OUTSIDE – Joe Biden’s son can still be found guilty, and the investigation into his case will resume

Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, has been accused of violating tax rules and possessing illegal weapons. Hunter pleaded guilty in June to an out-of-court plea bargain that appeared to avoid prosecution for the offenses, which carry penalties of up to 12 years in prison.

However, the situation has taken a new turn, announced Attorney General Merrick Garland

He sends a private investigator to investigate Hunter Biden’s business affairs.

The investigation is being conducted by federal prosecutor David Weiss, who previously led an investigation into the case of the president’s son.

On Tuesday of this week, Attorney General Weiss informed me that the case had, in his opinion, reached the stage at which the investigative process should continue, and asked me to appoint him to the task.

Garland told the press Friday afternoon. The prosecutor appears to have complied with the request, and, as he said, Weiss will also be able to decide whether to initiate criminal proceedings in the case.

the euronews According to his information, prosecutors believe that the Hunter Biden case will not be resolved on a negotiated basis this time. This was also supported by the fact that many people criticized the previously announced plea deal, because they believed that investigative power would allow the president’s son to run.

District Judge Marilyn Norica suspended the plea bargain last month and ordered prosecutors and Biden’s attorneys to provide written responses to various concerns raised by the judge.

The case has been going on for three years

In September 2020, Hunter Biden was charged with corruption, according to which he distributed millions of dollars between Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese citizens as a member of the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings. The US President’s son also left a laptop earlier, which confirmed other companies’ suspicions of corruption.

In October 2020, we already wrote about the fact that, according to the FBI, enough evidence has been collected to indict the son of the President of the United States on suspicion of tax and other crimes. And last February, the penultimate nail in the coffin was added to Hunter’s case, when his lawyers called on state and federal prosecutors to file criminal charges against Hunter’s critics. This effectively admits that the infamous laptop was indeed a Hunter. Then Hunter Biden was admitted out-of-court agreement commitment to.