Index - Outside - It turns out which woman half the world could not recognize for days

Index – Outside – It turns out which woman half the world could not recognize for days

Perhaps no local call has received as much international publicity as a husband called by the county police in Croatia. published Since a week.

On Sunday, September 12, a middle-aged woman was found on the island of Krk and then sought medical help. The woman is 60 years old, of medium build, 165 cm tall, shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes. At the time of his discovery, he was wearing a dark blue striped shirt with a hood, black pants, shoes, and a pink cloth hat.

The police asked the public for help in identifying the unknown. For no document has been found with him, and he himself does not remember anything: neither his name, nor how he came to the rocky shore.

A fisherman noticed the woman from her boat in the northeast of the island of Krk, but she could not land and rush to help her, so she informed the police. They found the woman, who had completely cooled off and dried up around 8:30 in the morning. His face was covered with unexplained wounds.

“It is not clear that it was the result of a crime,” the authority said in a statement.

The unidentified woman was given first aid on the spot and then she was taken to a nearby hospital in Rijeka, already on the mainland.

No document identifiable with him was found, so he has since been kept on record as an unidentified person.

It turned out that the lady spoke flawlessly in English. So they contacted him, but to no avail. He did not remember where and how he got to the slopes.

“Your condition is stable and after treatment ends or you leave hospital, the competent social care center takes care of” – She said The District Police Headquarters is responsible for the Jutarengi List.

His bag came out, but the wallet he found inside was empty

Various police investigations have not yielded any results for days.

On the weekend when the police found that the woman was shimmering in the sun. Although the high season is over, there are still many tourists on the island. However, none of them submitted a report to the authorities about the disappearance of their relative. Not even after the police released a picture of the woman.

It took some turning point in it to find the women’s backpack.

But that didn’t come close to solving the mystery. There were small items in the backpack that tourists usually keep with them. These include, for example, mosquito repellent and wallet.

However, the wallet was empty. No money or documents were found in it – mentioned Croatian RTL.

It is unusual for there to be nothing in the wallet.

nobody knows

After the news spread that an unknown English-speaking woman had been found on the Adriatic island, and her photo was also published, the case was picked up by the international press.

The British reported the case and asked for help in identifying the woman times And guardian; Most watched American news channel CNN, az ABC, az NBC; Canadian world news; Australian news.comAnd even Arabic Al Jazeera He is.

The Associated Press published a photo of Mrs.

He speaks English, but with a Scottish accent – this written by The Glasgow National, citing Dajana Milinkovi, who helped with first aid on the spot.

Djana said the hunter who spotted the woman heard English cries for help, but it sounded like a Scottish accent.

It has not been revealed how a Croatian fisherman distinguishes between English and Scottish pronunciations.

Scottish and Slovak thread

Soon, Dujana thought she could recognize the woman:

Ms. Daniela Adamkova from Slovakia. He lived in the UK and then moved to Ireland in 2015. Maybe he? It seems very likely. The photos are seven years old, from 2014. The photos were found by a member of the Facebook group “Disappeared in Scotland” where my post has been posted several times!

Dajana Milinkovic wrote.

Czech tourists who a New TN It was alleged that the Gate met him in Dalmatia.

“I ran with him on September 9 in Drvenik, near Makarska,” a woman who was vacationing with her husband in Croatia told the Czech side.

He told me he was retired, and his acquaintances were still working, so he set off on his own.

Fearing a 14-day quarantine before returning to Slovakia, he turned off his phone and discarded his SIM, remembering the conversation, although this seems a bit unlikely.

“He told us he’s been in England for a while, so he speaks good English,” said the Czech tourist.

As it turns out, this is not entirely true.

Ten days after the first call, the police confirmed that Daniela (Dana) Adamkova had indeed been found on the island of Krk.

Born in Trenčín, Slovakia, he moved to the United States at the age of 19, where he worked as a jeweler. His works were worn by famous Hollywood actors. The 57-year-old returned to Slovakia in 2000.

On the other hand, it is still a mystery that it reached the deserted stretch of coast on the Adriatic.

(Cover image: Krk Island. Photo: Shutterstock)

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