INDEX - OUTSIDE - Hurricane brutality in pictures before

INDEX – OUTSIDE – Hurricane brutality in pictures before

There are at least 64 deaths so far in Hurricane Ida in the United States, mostly in New Jersey (25 people), New York (17 people) and Louisiana (11 people) – mentioned A Sky News.

The portal illustrates the scale of the natural disaster in “before and after” pictures.

Four deaths in Louisiana are known to have been from carbon monoxide poisoning, and in New York, 11 people died when many basement homes were submerged. Most of those who died in New Jersey drowned after their cars were submerged.

Leaders in many countries have promised to consider how similar catastrophes can be avoided in the future. Although he is in New Jersey and in New York Billions of dollars have already been spent on improving flood protection, with much of the spending going only to coastal areas and floodplains.

New York Gov. Cathy Hochhol said inland regions need to be better prepared for more frequent flooding as a result of climate change.

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