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Index – Outside – During a concert, the roof falls on people in the tornado-hit city

Index – Outside – During a concert, the roof falls on people in the tornado-hit city

One person has been killed and 28 injured after a roof collapsed during a heavy metal concert in Belvedere, Illinois. According to Belvidere police, the roof collapsed when a tornado swept through the city Friday night local time, according to reports BBC.

Tornadoes and storms have been reported from Iowa and Illinois, as well as parts of Arkansas. In Tennessee, a storm of high winds knocked out power lines. In the town of Wayne, in the eastern part of Arkansas, according to official reports, many homes were destroyed and people were trapped under the rubble of buildings.

Thousands of people were left without electricity, and children had to be evacuated

In Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, according to field reports, the tornado first destroyed the western part of the city, passed through a shopping center, and then caused severe damage in the northern part of the city and the city. surrounding settlements.

The city’s hospitals were operating at the highest level of readiness. Frank Scott, the mayor of the city of 200,000, reported that 24 people who are being treated in hospital have been infected. Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that 100 members of the National Guard had been mobilized.

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In Arkansas, which was hardest hit, 90,000 customers lost power, in Oklahoma more than 30,000 people were left without service, and there were outages in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas.

Fires fanned by windstorms in Kansas have forced the evacuation of several people in the town of Eldorado, including the evacuation of 250 elementary school students on Friday. In Oklahoma, they faced wildfires that spread quickly in high winds.

The Weather Service issued a warning to a total of 85 million people due to the storm area forming in the central part of the United States. Last week Sunday, more than 20 people were killed by tornadoes in western Mississippi.

The most serious damage was the tornado that hit the small town of Rolling Fork, which had maximum winds of 320 kilometers per hour and almost completely destroyed some parts of the settlement. In Alabama, one person died in storms last week, according to MTI.