Index – Outside – A stunning video has been filmed of the Titanic wreck

The footage provides a unique 3D view of the entire ship and sheds a whole new light on what exactly happened.

The first full-size digital photo of the Titanic, located in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean at an altitude of 3800 meters, was taken using deep sea maps – I wrote it BBC. The recording provides a unique 3D image of the entire ship. It sheds new light on what exactly happened in 1912 when it sank.

Although the Titanic has been the subject of thorough investigation since its discovery in 1985, cameras have so far only been able to show footage of the shipwreck, they have not been able to show the entire scene.

New footage captures the entire wreck. As is well known: the ship broke into two parts when it sank, the bow and stern were about 800 meters apart, and the smashed ocean line was surrounded by a huge debris field. The survey was conducted last summer by a company called Magellan. It’s a deep sea mapping company and Atlantic Productions is also making a documentary about the project – sums it up HVG. The submarines spent more than 200 hours surveying the length and breadth of the wreck. More than 700,000 shots were taken from all angles.