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Index – Outside – A cloud of toxic smoke spreads over America

Index – Outside – A cloud of toxic smoke spreads over America

There have been nearly 400 wildfires in Quebec this year, which is more than double the 10-year average.

At the beginning of May, Index wrote about the declaration of a state of emergency in the province of Alberta after more than a hundred wildfires broke out and residents were evacuated from dozens of settlements. On May 29, a state of emergency was declared in Halifax as well. The city was covered in a huge cloud of black smoke.

Satellite images show the smoke is seriously polluting the air near the surface from Chicago to Indianapolis to Cincinnati and in the Wisconsin area as well, he writes. hv news.

According to the forecast, the cloud of toxic smoke covering a growing area will intensify by Tuesday, and by Sunday it may spread as far as West Virginia.

Dry weather and high winds in the Midwest have greatly increased wildfire risks, with red warnings in effect for much of Michigan.

in Michigan Forest fires on Saturday It burns over 2,400 hectares, but firefighters have already managed to stop most of it.

Meteorologists warned that the elderly, children, pregnant women and patients with lung or heart conditions should refrain from excessive exertion.