Index – Outside – A caravan fell into a river in California during a storm

A video of a larger trailer falling into a river near Los Angeles has surfaced. A storm of this magnitude is sweeping through the region, the likes of which have not been seen in decades.

As we wrote, heavy snowfall and rain caused disturbances in the western states of the United States. Avalanche warnings were issued in some areas, and hundreds of thousands were left without power due to frozen wires. In Los Angeles, a blizzard warning was issued for the first time in three decades on Saturday, and many people lost their lives due to the devastating weather.

the BBC Just shared a video of a large trailer and tree falling into the Santa Clara River in Southern California. as written,

This is the moment your RV plunges into the Santa Clara River in Southern California, as a historic storm to hit the US rips it from its dam.

They added: There was no one in the convoy.

Danger of lightning, blizzard, avalanche

Flash flooding occurred in Ventura County, California, on Saturday morning after heavy rain the day before, but no major damage was reported. A decade of daily rainfall records were broken in and around Los Angeles on Friday.

In addition, in some parts of the mountains around Los Angeles, the thickness of the snow layer exceeds one and a half meters. 205 cm of snow was measured at Mount Hai. A mountainous section of the North-South Highway in California has been closed due to heavy snow and ice.

In the northeastern part of California, an avalanche warning has been issued for the Sierra Nevada mountains, while more snow is expected after 60 centimeters of rain fell on Friday.

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