Index – Outside – A 2-year-old dog was withdrawn due to alcoholism

Coco, a 2-year-old Labrador Mixed Dog a After his owner died, he came to animal rescue UK with another dog. The rescue center staff said so

both of them dog He became an alcoholic because her late owner often left drinks before bed.

Shortly after their arrival, the dogs suffered a seizure and required emergency treatment. One of the animals died, but Coco went through alcohol withdrawal and eventually recovered. For another four weeks, he had to take sedatives to prevent seizures, A. writes The telegraph.

The organization wrote on social media that this was the first time they had to treat a dog for an alcohol problem.

We would like to introduce you to a sweet boy named Coco. Coco has been with us for over a month now, and has been in need of constant care since her arrival. He has a tragic story, but one that proves the vital importance of our special care unit

they wrote.

And they added: Koko got out of danger, no longer took any medication, and started behaving like a normal dog. He’s still mentally unstable at the time, so he’s not ready for adoption, but they hope he finds a home soon.