Index — Out There — We Can Say Goodbye to ‘Sleepy Joe,’ Donald Trump Invents a New Nickname for President

Donald Trump is famous for his nicknames, which he gives to many political opponents, but now he may have run out of creative ideas, because he stripped Hillary Clinton of her previous title so that Joe Biden could have it.

I withdraw the name “rotten” from Hillary Clinton. I will give him a new name. I don’t know, maybe like “Dear” Hillary or “Beautiful” Hillary, but I’m pulling the rotten name so we can use Joe Biden’s name, because he’ll be known as “Rotten Joe Biden” from now on.

Trump, 76, said at a rally in New Hampshire.

Trump told the crowd that Biden, 80, “only cares about making his family rich” and “they wonder why he’s not doing anything about China? Why aren’t you doing what you should be doing? Because he’s got millions of dollars from China.”

Ammar Moussa, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, rejected the new nickname, arguing that Trump has his shady foreign dealings. In addition, he also came up with a pseudonym, writes A.S New York Post.

Donald Trump and his family have used their presidency to make billions in shady deals with foreign countries like China and Saudi Arabia. Donald Trump can think of many nicknames for President Biden, but we have one better: “The Winner”

Musa said.

However, Donald Trump did not stop there, he believes that Hillary Clinton could have been more than happy to free him of his title. He described Joe Biden as the most corrupt person in US history.

You’d think Hillary would be so happy today. I think it will be — there is somewhere to celebrate, because no one in the history of American politics has been more corrupt and dishonest than Joe Biden. And the press absolutely refuses to report on this, Trump said, because frankly they are as corrupt as he is.

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By the way, the former US president impersonated Joe Biden during his speech. Many recordings circulate on the Internet.

previous titles

Donald Trump lost to Biden in 2020, after he called his rival the derisive nickname “Sleepy Joe”, which Trump, who is only 4 years younger than him, tried to denote his age.

This election cycle, Trump has been more creative in insulting his potential Republican challenger, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, calling him “DeSanctimonious,” meaning he’s a hypocrite. But he also reportedly played with “Tiny D” and “Meatball Ron.”

In 2016, Trump attempted to mock a number of his rivals using nicknames he had invented. Ted Cruz ran for the Republican presidential nomination against him in 2016 and got his title. Trump simply called him “Liar Ted.” When Marco Rubio tried to defeat Donald Trump in the primary, he was nicknamed “Little Marco Rubio”.

Then came the corruption charge. However, it is important to note that Donald Trump is not afraid of spreading lies about those he considers opponents. In 2011, for example, he spread the idea that Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya, so he couldn’t be president of the United States. The country’s constitution states that only a person born in the United States has the right to become president. Even though Obama was already president for years at the time, Donald Trump managed to create a small scandal by lying, and eventually Barack Obama published his birth certificate.

(Cover photo: Donald Trump in Charlotte, North Carolina, August 24, 2020. Photo by Chris Carlson/Pool/Getty Images)