Index – Out There – More body parts found for the severed Hong Kong model

A skull and several ribs were found in a large soup pot on Sunday, two days after the remains of slain Hong Kong model Abby Choi were found in a freezer. Police believe the head and ribs are Hong Kong.

Police investigators, at a press conference late Sunday afternoon, confirmed the news of the seizure of two large bowls from a house in Tai Po District, Hong Kong, and a head and several ribs were also found in one of them.

Police believe the ribs and head may have belonged to the Hong Kong model who went missing earlier this week, but DNA tests are still needed to confirm this.

the The Straits Times According to his information, the two pots were almost full of soup and minced meat. The dishes were taken to the morgue on Saturday. On Sunday, forensic experts began examining its contents, when they discovered the head and ribs. According to a media report, someone may have tried to smash the head.

Police continue to search for missing body parts, including the woman’s hands and torso.

Abby Choi was reported missing to the police on Wednesday. His remains were finally found at a holiday home in Hong Kong on Friday afternoon local time. The severed body parts of the model were cut out and placed in a cooler.

Abby Choi was an internationally known modeling figure who, in January, for example, modeled for the Summer 2023 collection in Paris.

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