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Index – Out – The 17-year-old princess is preparing for military training, and there’s a reason for that

Index – Out – The 17-year-old princess is preparing for military training, and there’s a reason for that

Her Highness the Princess of Asturias will take part in a three-year military training from August – let him know In a huge press release from Casa Real, Spain’s Royal Court.

Spain’s defense minister has confirmed that 17-year-old Princess Leonora of Asturias is the heir to the throne, and that her military training prepares her for her future role as head of state and leader.

“At the Cabinet meeting, we approved a Royal Decree aimed at creating conditions for Princess Leonora’s career” – quoted CNN’s Margarita Robles.

VI. Seventeen-year-old Leonora, the eldest of King Philip’s two daughters, is first in line to the throne, so she will become Commander-in-Chief if her father abdicates or dies.

Leonora’s military training will last three years and will begin at the General Military Academy in Zaragoza, followed by a year in the Navy. You will be completing your third and final year at the Air Force Academy.

The Princess is following in the footsteps of her father, Felipe, who himself underwent military training before obtaining a law degree from the University of Madrid. While still heir to the throne, he enrolled in a master’s degree in international relations at Georgetown University in Washington.

The time will come when a woman will assume the position of Commander-in-Chief

– said the head of the Ministry of Defense, who herself is a woman. Robles states that in recent years, Spain has made increasing efforts to include women in the armed forces.

Royal College

Military training begins after the teenage heir to the throne completes his studies in Wales at UWC Atlantic College.

UWC is housed in a 12th-century castle, St Donat’s Castle, on the south coast of Wales. In addition to the library, its facilities include its own woods, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and of course, classrooms in listed buildings.

King Philop and Queen Letizia announce that 15-year-old Zofia will be enrolling here in September like her sister.

The prestigious school was founded by German teacher Kurt Hahn in 1962. His name is also associated with the founding of the Gordonstoun boarding school in Scotland, one of whose students was King Charles.

The king is the head of state as well as the commander-in-chief

“This is an important step in Her Majesty’s life […] towards taking over the leadership of the country, ”Margarita Robles recalled about the military career of the princess.

After completing her training, Leonora is entitled to the almost lower rank of Ensign in the Navy, and Lieutenant in the Land Army, Air Force, and Space Command. The Minister of Defense said after military training, you can get a university degree.

The Constitution of Spain regulates the powers and duties of the monarchy.

The government is headed by an elected prime minister, the current head of state is the king himself, who is also the commander-in-chief of the Spanish armed forces.

The Spanish monarchy has been under severe pressure in recent years, so Philip tried to distance himself from his father, the former ruler.

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Karoly Janus resigned in favor of his son in June 2014 after coming under fire for his poaching of elephants in Botswana during a series of financial scandals and during the 2012 Spanish financial crisis.

Karoly Janus left the country in August 2020, fleeing to the United Arab Emirates, while his financial dealings were already under investigation. According to his Madrid lawyer, Javier Sanchez-Junco, he has paid more than 5 million euros in tax arrears, including interest, in 2020 and 2021.

Spanish prosecutors closed the investigation against him last year and he did not press charges.

At the same time, another series of scandals, full of embezzlement and divorces, devastated the Spanish royal house, in which King Philip was left almost completely alone and refused to meet with his sisters.

(Cover photo: Princess Leonora on December 15, 2022. Photo: Paolo Bloco/Getty Images)