Index - Offshore - You can block sharing of news on Facebook

Index – Offshore – You can block sharing of news on Facebook

Facebook could block users and publishers from sharing Australian and international news if the new Australian law goes into effect Axios.

According to the paper, this is how the platform will respond to a new platform Australian law Within meaning

Facebook has to pay those who produce the news that appears to them.

According to Axios, this action can be interpreted by Facebook as a precedent in terms of the way the company is expected to act in situations where the laws of a particular country try to restrict its options.

Meanwhile, it is rumored that Google has reacted differently to Australian law. The company has entered into an agreement with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp – Australia’s largest media company – that it will pay for the content it produces – though it’s not known exactly how much.

This is also important because Australian lawmakers previously stated that if tech companies approved media separately, they could avoid having to pay under the law.

In addition to Australia, other countries also have laws – or most importantly, new ones With taxes – They want to beat the techies.

By the way, Facebook launched a new service in the UK last week, Facebook News. They also want to present this in Australia, but they said they are willing to do all of this “only under the right conditions”.

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