Index – Offshore – The US Senate approves the appointment of the Secretary of Transportation

He approved Pete Buttigieg’s appointment as Secretary of Transportation by the US Senate on Tuesday. The Senate strengthened the former mayor of Southern Bend, who had openly assumed he was gay, by 86–13. Biden Cabin In one of his most important positions.

Pete Buttigieg, a Harvard and Oxford graduate, would later become a US Navy Reserve Intelligence officer. The Democratic politician ran for president in 2020, was out of the race on March 1, and has garnered support from Joe Bident since then.

The US president has previously said he reminds Bottegaage, 39, of his late son, Poe, and sees his former rival as the man who can bring new voices and new ideas into politics.

Pete Buttigieg’s primary responsibility will be to implement the $ 2 billion Joe Biden Climate and Infrastructure Plan, which will rebuild roads and bridges, transform people’s travel habits, increase the number of emissions-free public transportation, and will install 500,000 electric charging stations in the country.

During the hearing, Buttigieg described it as envisaged that the federal gas tax would be raised, as he said it could be used to fund repairs to dilapidated U.S. roads. The politician promised that – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions Supports the introduction of new federal automotive fuel economy standards.

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