Index – Offshore – The new US Homeland Security Secretary has been approved

The US Senate approved Alejandro Mayoras as Minister of Homeland Security. On Tuesday, the House of Lords decided, by a slim majority of 56 to 43, to consider the 61-year-old politician suitable for the cabinet job.

Mayuras is the sixth member of President Joe Biden’s cabinet to have received confirmation from the Senate.

From 2009 to 2013, the politician led the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and then served as deputy secretary in the Department of Homeland Security under the administration led by President Barack Obama, the newest democratic government.

According to the leader of the Senate Democratic majority, Mallorca’s suitability for the ministerial position cannot be compensated. Chuck Schumer described the nomination as historic because, as he put it, it would be Alejandro Mayuras

The first of Hispanic origin and the first immigrant to hold the highest position in the Department of Homeland Security.

Alejandro Mayuras will be the first man in a ministry with 240,000 employees, taking charge of border security, immigration and cybersecurity, among other things.

Before hearing the Cuban-born attorney, he received heavy criticism from Republicans who expressed concern that the candidate was unfit to serve as minister. For example, a Republican senator from Texas called on his colleagues not to vote on Mallorca’s appointment. In a letter, Ted Cruz informed members of Congress that, as he put it, Alejandro Mayorcas had committed “a series of moral, legal and political failures” during his career in public service.

Cruz said the prospective minister abused power by allowing high-ranking Democratic politicians to issue visas to representatives of the Chinese company Huawei, who “carried out the global espionage operation of the Chinese Communist Party under the guise of a technology company.”

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