Index – Offshore – The British variant has spread to the UK

According to the researchers, it is now clear that the British variant (B.1.1.7) is the most common of the various variants of coronavirus in the UK –Euronews writes.

If there is an infectious variant that is 70 percent more than the previous one and there are no closures, it will spread and that is exactly what happened

Says Dr. Katharina Crystallis, General Practitioner.

From the second half of the British government Closure Although government critics introduced the move too late.

According to Dr. Peter Openshaw, one of the UK’s most famous immunologists, all this indicates that the British alternative is indeed a risk.

Great care and caution must be taken to prevent it Spread.

The immunologist explained: “In areas where this variable is starting to spread, the number of infections has increased, the number of cases requiring hospitalization, and it has become very difficult to curb the spread by methods that have worked in the past.

The experts also confirmed this

The restrictions imposed on the island can only be released if the entire country is transferred.

Based on the results of the studies to date, the developed vaccines are also believed to be effective against the British variant, although there is some concern that this mutation may also occur in the UK. Built-in Also, a protein called E484K, which calls into question the effectiveness of vaccines

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