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They object to sporting events, cultural events or other group events, visits to bars, and even travel abroad with what is called a vaccine passport.

Three protective factors – whether someone becomes infected, vaccinated, or negative for a Covid test – can build trust. Just for that We can go ahead with all three factors This is what Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. Most Britons share their views.

According to a poll conducted by Ipsos Mori at the end of last March, in which 8,300 people participated.

  • 69 percent agree that teaching can only take place with a certificate,
  • Only 79 percent through the ability to work in healthcare or nursing homes with a degree,
  • Only 62 percent by being able to go to a bar or restaurant with a certificate,
  • Only 68 percent go to the movies or concert with a diploma.
  • 78 percent with testimony just to visit a nursing home, too
  • 78 percent through the ability to travel abroad with a vaccine passport.

For example, 59 percent of respondents were willing to say they would hire a plumber with a safety certification. Certificate or passport vaccination Instead, it is supported by the older age group who has already been vaccinated According to the survey carried by the Daily Mail.

Vaccination quickly improved the situation in the island nation

To date, 35 million people in the UK have received at least the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine.

Epidemiological indicators improved rapidly. These days, compared to September 2020, the number of new infections per day has decreased to a record high. On the first day of April 3,400 cases are registered daily. On Good Friday, 52 people died of complications from Coronavirus.

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Despite the encouraging numbers, the United Kingdom Open gently.

in England The “stay at home” requirement has been removed and the “six” rule has been reintroduced, limiting the number of people who can meet in outdoor gardens or privately owned gardens from up to two families to six.

In Scotland The principle of “staying at home” has been replaced by the rule of “staying local” from Good Friday, which means that those who live there can travel within Scotland.

In Wales This was allowed a week ago.

northern Ireland Although its borders could be removed, authorities say those who live there should only travel to Britain or Ireland in the most justified cases. The effectiveness of the procedures will be reviewed every four weeks in Northern Ireland, with students able to return to classes in two phases in March, depending on the grade.

There appears to be no epidemic in Israel

This is what he meant CNN reporter at the scene.

9 million In Israel, 56.5% of the population received the first dose of Covid and 51.7% received the second dose And the accompanying green card, with which they can visit restaurants.

The document certifies that its owner was infected with the Coronavirus, which guarantees temporary protection, or that he also received a second vaccine that provides long-term immunity.

For example, its owner might go to gyms that have joined the Green Corridor program; Watching theatrical performances where up to five hundred can be attended at the same time; You can attend events with a maximum of 300 people, and as we said, you can sit in restaurants with a maximum capacity of 100 people, and they operate at 75 percent of their capacity, where you don’t even have to wear a mask.

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The Hungarians will open cautiously

To the questions of the Hungarian National Consultation on the reopening 528,000 responded.

65 percent of respondents agree that security certificate holders should be exempt from certain restrictions.

Nearly three-quarters of them say the first step in the easing will be the lifting of the curfew after 8 p.m.

58 percent of respondents will be permitted to attend sporting events and events with a security card.

(Primrose Hill, London, March 29, 2021. Photo: Henry Nichols / Reuters)

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