Index – Offshore – Five-day quarantine requested in Melbourne

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announced on Friday that a five-day quarantine has been requested in Melbourne, Australia’s second most populous city, due to the spread of a much more contagious mutation in the coronavirus that has been identified in the United Kingdom.

The measure is based on the fact that the virus has caused an epidemic in a local hotel, where travelers returning from abroad are quarantined. So far, thirteen cases have been recorded in the hotel. In a statement to reporters, Andrews stressed that it is highly contagious and is spreading rapidly (viral mutation), the chain must be broken.

As he said, it must be assumed that there are more cases in the population than has been detected and that the type of virus is spreading faster than ever before.

The restrictions require residents to stay home,

The exceptions are essential work, doctor visits, food purchases, and training.

In addition, the mask must be worn everywhere. Gatherings, weddings, and religious events are also banned. Spectators were banned from the Australian Open tennis tournament.

In Australia, 28,887 cases of coronavirus have been identified since the outbreak of the disease, 909 of whom have died.

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