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Index – Offshore – Australia is already the deadliest in the worst floods in decades

Local authorities said the floods in eastern Australia were fatal and nearly 40,000 people had to flee their homes so far due to the worst floods in decades.

In the floods caused by the torrential rains, homes flooded, the flood washed away cars and farm animals, and shut entire cities away from the outside world. Police said the body of a man was found in a car in northwest Sydney. This is the first death linked to a natural disaster.

Food and other vital items were delivered by air to the needy. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said cargo helicopters are transporting food to supermarkets in flood-affected areas where stocks are running low.

New South Wales State Minister Gladys Prejiklian, who has been hit hard by the floods, has warned that prices will continue to rise in some places as rivers are still swelling and water is still pouring over large dams. According to him, no such severe floods have occurred in the state in fifty years, but in some places we can speak of the most severe floods in the past 100 years.

In New South Wales and Queensland, about 17,000 buildings were destroyed Floods, the damage amounts to A $ 264 million, more than 60 billion Swiss francs.

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