Index - Offshore - Attendance training is linked to vaccination at US universities

Index – Offshore – Attendance training is linked to vaccination at US universities

This is because the number of coronavirus cases has risen steadily in American colleges and universities in the spring. Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 660 thousand cases Registered, one-third since January 1.

At some universities, the epidemic did not subside even when students were already eligible for vaccination. Salve Regina University in Rhode Island for at least one week Paused All events requiring personal attendance after more than 30 students test positive in seven days. He considered it one of the epicenters of the American epidemic In Detroit Wayne State University suspended attendance classes and on-campus activities in early April.

Students protest

In some institutions, such as DePaul University, Emory University, and Wesleyan University, vaccination has become mandatory for all students. Elsewhere, athletes or those who live on campus also need to be vaccinated. Most institutions allow exemptions required for medical, religious, and other reasons.

The duty to vaccinate is imposed mostly by private universities, but also by some public universities.

Vaccination is an important way to make the fall season safe

It sounds Antonio Calcado.

According to the chair of the Covid working group at Rutgers University, a simple stimulus will not achieve the same effect as a requirement.

Jay A. Berman students and staff at the University of Maryland will also need to be vaccinated before returning to college in the fall. The chancellor is particularly concerned about the British convert.

Berman warned that we are preparing for the more contagious and more dangerous versions, which we expect will be available on our campus in the fall.

However, at least twenty colleges said they would not request vaccinations as long as the vaccines only had an emergency license.

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California state universities, for example, announced that vaccines will be prescribed after the US Medicines Agency gives full approval for the vaccines.

The American College Health Association, a professional body of university health professionals, has called on colleges and universities to standardize vaccination requirements for all college students for the fall semester – if state law permits.

The committee indicated that many students and staff are at great risk of contracting serious diseases and complications from the Coronavirus, and that the epidemic may erupt in neighboring communities after the reopening of the Fall College.

Some have already announced that they will not undergo compulsory vaccination. At Manhattanville College in New York, where students must demonstrate their vaccination before returning in the fall, student Seam And it seeks to overturn the decision.

He argues that the decision to vaccinate is completely personal.

A group of Republican college students at Stanford University also criticized the university leadership’s plan to make vaccinations mandatory in the fall.

Meanwhile, many colleges that do not require vaccinations encourage vaccination. Both Baylor University of Texas and Calvin University in Michigan have announced that vaccinated students can pass the mandatory COVID test.

The University of Wyoming encourages vaccinations with prizes such as NFL or basketball tickets and Apple products. Employees who are fully vaccinated are entitled to one day off.

(Cover photo: DePaul University in the US on March 21, 2020. Photo: Max Herman / NurPhoto / Getty Images)

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