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Index – My Home – Magyar Posta: Most customers open their doors without a mask

In the third wave, many postal workers were affected, but the number of company employees remains only one or two percent, and those affected are recovering continuously, Magyar Posta spokesperson Ildiko Banulin said, in response to the index request.

After I gave about it NewsletterThat we had to close a mailbox in Szombathely due to the Coronavirus, we turned to the Magyar Posta with several questions. Among other things, we asked how threatening the pandemic is to perform nationwide tasks.

Ildikó Panulin wrote: The Szombathely 8 Post Office has not closed because many employees have become coronavirus there, but the fact that Coronavirus exists among the employees in Szombathely. The The Internet portal previously received an answer that the respective mailbox will be closed indefinitely due to a technical issue.

The practice introduced in the first and second waves of the epidemic was to temporarily suspend small post offices in settlements where there are many post offices and it is difficult to replace absentees, so that capacity hours are available. To clients

Inform the speaker.

He also wrote to the index so

Nationwide, there are currently 35 small post offices that are temporarily unavailable and 75 offices with hours of between one and two hours.

Magyar Posta believes it is important to emphasize that the starting point for these measures is indeed the epidemic, but the temporary closure of a small post office does not mean that many people have fallen ill specifically at that post office.

On our newspaper’s question, the spokesman added that a number of measures have been taken to preserve the health of its employees.

Watch out for the postmen!

At the same time, Magyar Posta also draws attention to the fact that according to the comments of its employees, there are many customers who do not comply with the relevant epidemiological rules:

Many delivery companies report that the majority of customers do not wear a mask when opening the door, and it is common for the recipient to report infection upon personal receipt of the shipment.

Staff have also reported cases

Despite the infection and quarantine, the customer went to the post office.

Magyar Posta is official in protecting the health of its employees Facebook page Again in a series of publications, attention is drawn to shared responsibility.

As is the case in many commercial buildings, it is important to maintain a distance inside the post office. Waiting outside is one of the reasons …

Posted by: Hungarian MailTuesday 23 March 2021

Magyar Posta asks everyone to “pay attention to the postman, it’s important that we meet them the next day”.

(Cover photo: Parcels are loaded onto a vehicle at a parcel logistic plant in Magyar Posta on November 27, 2020. Photo: Tamás Kovács / MTI)

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