Index - my home - Children will also need to be vaccinated

Index – my home – Children will also need to be vaccinated

Giorgi Botta, a pediatrician and former president of the Association of Home Pediatricians, said it is important that children, especially those suffering from chronic diseases, be vaccinated with the Coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible, as soon as a suitable vaccine is available.

According to the expert, it is a positive result that A. Pfizer The vaccine was vaccinated in Israel from the age of 12, and according to clinical tests, it achieved even better results than adults.

He stressed that it is not expected that there will be a need to import new vaccines for children, only that it will be examined whether they can be vaccinated with those that are already available.

He also explained that vaccinating children is also important because they often transmit the infection to each other or to others.

Until they are protected by the masses, we will not be able to let go of this pandemic.

– Tell.

It was further confirmed that Prof. Intense The number of cases among children has also increased recently, which is why it is especially important to vaccinate people with chronic diseases as soon as possible.

György Póta also suggested this Graduates The unusual vaccination can be resolved, if at least one dose is given to them in the meantime, so that students can safely take the final test.

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