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Index – Meanwhile – Zoltan Jakob turns a mother of three into a bombshell so she can find the big one

Index – Meanwhile – Zoltan Jakob turns a mother of three into a bombshell so she can find the big one

He actually regretted saying yes to the film, even though Adele tried to talk him out of it.

In vain, many people warned him against taking it I'm traveling Starring in the film, Jennifer Lawrence didn't listen to anyone. The English singer even advised the Oscar-winning actress to skip it, because she saw that not much good would come out of it.

Lawrence now realizes that he should have listened to Adele, because she was right: the 2016 film was a critical failure.

Adele told me not to do that. According to him, astronaut films are the new vampire films. I should have listened to him

Lawrence lamented, adding that he was partly so I'm traveling I decided to withdraw for a while.

I didn't bring the quality I should have. I think everyone is bored by this. And they bored me too. I got to the point where nothing I was doing was any good anymore. For most of my life, I put the interests of others first. I thought that if I worked, no one would be angry, but because I took it upon myself and did it, everyone could be happy.

You know, the actress I'm traveling In the film, she played one of the main characters, Aurora, who along with Jim Chris Pratt (and more than 5,000 other passengers) board the spaceship Avalon, which glides for 120 years towards its distant goal, a planet to be colonized. It's called Homestead II, where they can start a new life. Meanwhile, they are transported “frozen”, but a bug slips into the software: after a massive meteor storm, Jim's hibernation chamber malfunctions, causing him to wake up prematurely. After himself, Aurora wakes up later, however It is not possible to re-hibernate, SM They have 90 years to reach their destination.

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