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Index – Meanwhile – Zendaya showed herself again in extravagant clothes

Index – Meanwhile – Zendaya showed herself again in extravagant clothes

He also doesn't care if he is considered a fool in his village.

Vero Nagi on Moka Radio on Friday You are logged in From his garden in Orputan, where the TV2 crew filmed the musician. As it turns out, with the arrival of spring, the singer is not only busy with his performances, but also enjoys taking care of his garden. He added that he still considered starting the morning with brandy a proven way to combat the cold morning. Then he told me about his plum tree.

The interesting thing about this tree is that one time it got sick, and then I came here and talked to the tree. I said to him: “Listen here, now or you will be cured – and fight for your life, don’t give up!” – Or I will get a saw and then I will cut you. He changed his mind, was frightened, and the next year he already produced natural peaches. He has since recovered

He cites Then Veeru Nagi from made a comparison between plants and humans.

“I think the same applies to humans when you command them: either you heal, or God chooses you,” said the musician, who incidentally believes that plants also feel cared for: “It is a living being, and it really feels it.” That I come here and talk to him sometimes… Of course, they look stupid in many places in the village. but no problem!”

Commander Beatrice also touched on why he has loved walking around his orchard for some time now.

In growing plants, if you are successful, it helps your soul. In the art world, you do something, and it either works or it doesn't…or they'll bring it up ten years later and say, “Oh, that's cool.” Did you just find out? The factory is not, if you are smart, within a month it will show the work you have done in it.

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