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Index – Meanwhile – VV Kriszti has found love: “I have someone by my side who brings out the best in me”

Index – Meanwhile – VV Kriszti has found love: “I have someone by my side who brings out the best in me”

That’s why you don’t post much.

VV Kriszti, that is, Krisztina Karnics, won this spring without a duel The real world He was able to collect his eleventh season and the main prize of 36 million HUF, but after the reality show he retired for a bit. Not much is heard about his life after Villa, except that he revealed that he had returned to work as a restaurant worker and that he had gotten into a heated argument with a man on the tram.

When he recently turned 25, he wrote a little summary of his life. The post shared on Instagram also revealed that he started learning tattooing and that he also found love.

“I turned 25! It was a year ago and on this day in the evening I entered the villa. I will do it again and again because it was one of the most exciting and life-changing adventures of my life. I cried a lot and laughed a lot, just like here, but inside you can’t escape.” And distract yourself, you have to face everything that comes your way. And that’s what I did too, and there were many of you with me, and you too, I thank life and I thank you for that. I began to love myself. The outside and the inside. I began to believe in myself, to calm down, and not to be happy and run somewhere One.

I have goals, I have ideas, I have a job, I have something to study, I have a family, I have people around me, I have love. I have someone by my side who brings out the best in me. I’m gone I know

I focus a lot on the presence that shines through my daily life. “I have a healthier image of myself than I did before the game, but obviously I will continue to learn, monitor and improve myself for the rest of my life to get to the best condition anyone can be.”

He then went on to say that he regrets not posting more, but:

“I’ve recently met someone and I have a kind of admiration and lightness inside me that I only want for him and can only give to him. It’s also a beautiful way when two strangers meet and something completely different exists with each other than ever with anyone. The only bad things In this are possible arguments, and the fact that no one and nothing else matters to a person. And now I live this, while I build my life as much as I can, and then I will apply anyway. I started learning tattoos, I go to emotional intelligence training, I learn “Sewing, I’m waiting for Christmas.”

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